Email to hotmail?

I currently have domains hosted by godaddy.
Any and all emails that we send via godaddy’s smtp server to hotmail, msn, outlook, etc do NOT arrive at their destination. Microsoft says everything’s fine, godaddy says everything’s fine. I found that their smtp server is on at least 2 spam blacklists.
I’m considering switching to DreamHost… but don’t want to do this if I’ll have the same issue.
Does anyone with domains hosted by DreamHost have any difficulties with this?
If you’re willing to send me some test emails, PM me and I’ll give you my hotmail email address to test…

I can email my own GMAIL, my sisters, brother and dad’s hotmail emails… so you can be reasonably confident you can send an email from DH to all those services.

I’ve not had problems sending from here to Hotmail. It’s Earthlink that blacklists DreamHost on a regular basis.

Comcast Blocks Dreamhost on a regular basis as well…

Actually… that seems to have improved. I can’t remember the last time I had a Dreamhost <==> Comcast problem.

I don’t have issues with hotmail but I do have a lot of issues with yahoo, earthlink, att.

The reality is, based on which email cluster you end up on will greatly impact how lucky you are at mail delivery at DH. Honestly, I would suggest against DH if you’re concerned about mail delivery.