Email time out errors


All my email has stopped downloading. I get time out error messages. (connection to server timed out)

I use I also can no longer send, saying it has a smtp error.

My incoming is via Dreamhost site. (
My outgoing is via Charter Cable. (
Email client is Thunderbird.

Is this a Charter problem since I cannot send?

Mail is not being bounced, I can view it via the webmail.

Any suggestions? This has happened in the past but I can’t remember what I did (or Charter did) to fix it.

HR (aka Paula O.)

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Of course, I have already fixed it. No clue what was happening though.

Following various advice here and there, I did the following:

  • compacted all folders
  • deleted email passwords
  • increased time out number (now set to 180)
  • closed and reopened Thunderbird
  • crossed my eyes and hopped on one foot while patting my head

None of it worked so I was considering a hard boot although I had just did one. I thought about checking AVG (firewall and virus version) and realized it wasn’t working for some reason. It was in the tray but I couldn’t right click to open it.

Did a hard boot and now email is working. I can download and send. I’m about to do a virus scan, just in case something wonky is about.

HR (aka Paula O.)

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