Email through Comcast

Anyone else having problems sending email through Comcast’s webmail? I have my own account set up and working fine, but I set up an account for someone else who has their site hosted at Dreamhost and they can receive but can’t send email through their account at Dreamhost. In other words, on Comcast’s site, they allow you to connect to other accounts through their Mailbox Manager, but I can only receive email through Comcast, I can’t send!

I’ve tried using the “mXXXXXXX” number as well as the actual email address as the login. Anyone else seen this?

Actually, that is a pretty common situation (and likely to continue to be) for many ISP’s. It sounds like the ISP is blocking Port 25 for sending. You can remedy this situation by setting the client to use port 587.

Information on using the alternate port is available in this Dreamhost Wiki Article, and there are specific instructions for changing this setting for certain clients also in the Wiki. Outlook Express instructions are here, and here are instructions for configuring Thunderbird.

If you have a different client, the concepts are the same, though the actual screens will differ; these articles should point you in the right direction.


Thanks rlparker, I appreciate the response. This one is a little tough to explain, but I’m not using a client like Outlook Express, I’m using Comcast’s native webmail to try and send through my Dreamhost domain. I can get it to work with one of my domains, but not the other one. Make sense?

well, can you access webmail at dreamhost for this domain you can’t get working thorugh comcast? If you can verify that it’s working dreamhost side, then it’s an comcast issue and you’ll probably have to take it up with them. If you’re encountering a specific problem with mail not working at dreamhost, then someone here or support will be able to help you - but we’d need to know what’s wrong DH side.

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Oops! Sorry 'bout that. I now see, re-reading your post, that I missed the point entirely. :wink: I’m sorry I don’t really have any ideas as to why the accounts would react differently, and I have no experience with the Comcast webmail process. Good Luck!


Thanks guys, I’ve verified that the DH webmail works so I’ll go through Comcast to see if they find a problem.

No worries rlparker, I still appreciate the response!