Email throttling with discussion list

I have just established a discussion list at Dreamhost for a small group (12 people).

I would like to know more about the current email throttling situation.

I know I’m limited (across my whole account?) to something like 100 emails/hour.

I don’t see any email throttling options to set via my Dreamhost panel around discussion lists. Is there anything available?

What does it look like when emails fail when someone else sends the offending msg? I know what it looks like when I’ve sent it.

Does moderating messages help?

How can I tell if I’m getting close to hitting this issue?

I’ve scoured the panel, forum and wiki and cannot find this info.

Thanks for any help.

Throttling does not apply to Announce and Discussion lists set up through those features in the panel. All other mail falls under the throttling process and is not user configurable.


Thank you! Good to know.