"email this page" button

A site I support is trying to get an “Email this post” button working for their blog posts. The goal is that a visitor can enter an email address (either their own or a friend’s) and send a link to that blog post.

They’re using the Sharing buttons (https://en.support.wordpress.com/sharing/) that are built into Wordpress; they only have Email and Print enabled. When you press the Email button you get a popup asking for your email address and name, and the email address to send to. When I try setting the To and From addresses to my gmail address I never get the email, but I do get it if I set To and From to an email address at my own Dreamhost-hosted domain.

So we tried installing Postman SMTP (https://wordpress.org/plugins/postman-smtp/) and authenticating with the domain’s Dreamhost-provided mail server. When I set To and From addresses to my gmail address I still don’t get the email but the server logs an error message that suggests that Dreamhost won’t allow this (http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Sender_Domain_Policy_and_Spoofing#What_is_the_sender_domain_policy.3F); I can receive an email at my gmail account if I set the “From” address to a real address at the blog’s domain, but that’s not a very useful UI setting to explain to users.

Is there a way to make the “From” address always be an account from the blog’s domain, or some other better way to make email sharing work?

We went with https://wordpress.org/plugins/add-to-any/ and it is working well.

FWIW, Jetpack can also do this. Many people already use it for stats and other features, so it saves you a headache.

Jetpack is the open source version of the tools already integrated into wordpress.com, so unfortunately it was the first thing we’d tried (that didn’t work).