Email subscription plugins for wordpress?



sdaymans suggestion is a good one. Your email notification will not be automatic as it was with the subscribe script or as it would be with feedburner… but DH’s announce list IS very nice. You can make a web based subscription form like I use here

also you can import your current subscribers into the announce list (they will have to click a confirmation link - but no big deal).

You can customize it pretty easily, it supports html and plain text messages. It works well and prunes bad email addresses out of the list too after x # of bounces.

have a look at it as a possible solution too.


Wrodpress has many subscription form plugins. It depends on the platform you are using.

Recently i have found a plugin that syncs with E-goi (Email marketing platform). The name is S9 EGOI -

The plugin is very easy to use and no only gives you subscriptions forms, but also gives you other features:

  • Create Emails using wordpress editor.
  • Send Email campaings to your subscriber lists.
  • Create automatic newsletters with the latests posts published in your Blog.
  • Automatic subscribe registered wordpress users to a E-Goi List.

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