Email Stopped Working, No Response for Help


We quit getting our emails last night and I can’t even get my IP authorized to log into our Control Panel for support.

I’ve been able to send emails, sent them one ( and hit them up on twitter, sent a message from their contact page and nothing.

I need my email. One a friend tried to send us an email it bounced.

I need someone to contact me ASAP so we can get this fixed…today :


I have the same problem with getting my IP authorized and, despite submitting three messages on the support page (the one available without logging in becaus I can’t), I still haven’t received a response from them. It has been more than a week since I submitted my first request. Does Dreamnet email support even exist? This has gotten ridiculious!!!


If you can’t log in to the panel to open a ticket then you must use this form

Emailing the address that works after the ticket is open won’t work to open a new ticket.


That’s the form I used three times - last Saturday, Tuesday and Friday - and have not gotten a single email from support. It seems that form doesn’t have the same policy of replying within 24 hours as the support available once you’re logged in.


Hi John, I believe I’ve found your open ticket. If you’d like you can private message me the email address you wrote in from so I can make sure it’s you, then check on the status of your tickets.

If you’re using a Gmail address to log in to the web panel, often times with Gmail they will flag our automated emails to their Spam/Junk filters, so you might want to check that inbox first, and make sure to whitelist any emails coming from


Hi John, I apologize for the delay and frustration you have experienced so far. I see that you have not responded to our emails yet. I would recommend you use the following form with a completely new email address to request the primary email address on your account be changed. Once the request has been submitted we can then verify your account ownership and proceed with the email address change.


LIKEWISE same problem. I have a box that just stopped working. Even re-created it and it still doesn’t work. I can log into the mailbox manager, not into web mail and nothing in Outlook. I need this box and support has not responded in 2 days. Not happy about the support response. We have hosting accounts at other services and support from those companies has been excellent.


Thanks. I have submitted the form again with a different email addy.


Still having problems with our email for and .com and no replies from support in over 2 days now.