Email Spam!

Hi. I turned on my junk filter on my Dreamhost panel, but it has not helped.
I am not getting about four pages of spam per each legitimate email.

How should I configure the junk filter settings?

I see this forum itself seems to be full of spam messages at the moment. Hmmm. Is that somehow related to the sudden increase in email spam on my Dreamhost account?

Hi. I don’t think spam emails are associated with forum spam but there could be a slight possibility.

Anyways, have you checked out SpamAssassin and play with tuning the spam score so it would automatically detect those spam emails?

Thanks. I know they are not connected, just odd they happen at the same time.

I would like to know how to set my spam score. It is set with the defaults right now, which appear to not do anything.

So what numbers do I change?

What IS the spam score of 4? Does that mean if there are 4 instances of the same email header they block it?