Email Spam

My email account is receiving more and more spam at the moment but I am finding the SpamAssassin Configuration somewhat complex.

My settings are currently the default. How can I increase the ratings to capture more spam without having to resort to a white list?

Does each email account need to have SpamAssassin configured if if it forwards to another account? I had been assuming it only needs to be on the mailbox that receives the mail. Is that correct? I think I have read something about this somewhere but can’t find it again.

SpamAssassin doesn’t apply to forwarders, just mailboxes.

From my, I have SpamAssassin set to Tag=3, Quarantine=3, which is quite aggressive, but it does help. The version of SA that DreamHost runs is a bit on the old side, and isn’t as good at catching spam as the newer version.

On my home computer, I use SpamSieve for the Mac, which catches whatever gets through.