Email/smtp log location

Where can i read my smtp logs?

Long story short, i have a forum. when i saw my forum logs i got “message senders not allowed” in the last few days. I’ve set my DH mail service correctly and also configured the smtp settings in my forum correctly (tested and works like a charm)

I just want to track down this problem to decide whether it’s a configuration error, software error, or there was an illegal activity

Thank you

I see you already have an open support ticket regarding this issue! You can refer to Antonio’s last email response here: and that should help you figure out how to read your SMTP logs!

If you’d like, you can always respond there or submit a new ticket here: with specifics, and we can investigate your issue further if need be. :slight_smile:


I found this thread, hoping to learn how to read my SMTP Logs :frowning:

You’ve posted a link here, but it’s not working for me. it seems to be pointing to a private tech support ticket…

please advise…