Email shenanigans

maybe i’m retarded or maybe i’m just missing something, but i’m having trouble setting up my email accounts. i had a free domain ( that had the mailbox login name ‘rudeboy’ associated with it. after i got my domain completely transfered over i deleted the subdomain and tried adding a mailbox to said domain, but no matter what i do i keep getting m###### login names. now, the last thing i need to be remembering is another, seemingly meaningless, number. what i want to do is be able to have email addresses with ‘user’ being the actual login name instead of m*. i’m never going to remember that…

i’ve searched through the forums and knowledge base and found a thread titled ‘email woes’. in it someone said to avoid getting the m* login names one should add a new user and use the associated mailbox that has their username as it’s login. my questions is where is that set up. when i go to users -> rudeboy [edit] there’s nothing there regarding any mailboxes.

i added a new user and saw that it asks to set up an mailbox and address for the user and gives it the ‘username’ login. my question would be how do i modify the mailbox associated with my primary username since deleting and readding it isn’t possible without cancelling the associated domain?

If you only need to change the mailbox settings for your own account, then I suggest you contact Support.
For any other mailboxes you need, you can still create new users the way you describe.

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