Email setup

I’m a new (mere) user, not a developer. In my inbox, I find only 3 tabs: “Email - Contacts - Settings.” “Email help” brings up an image with tabs: “Email - Contacts - Calendar - Storage - Settings” so it appears I lack a full set of tabs. Can’t configure email as desired (such as change font). Maybe with full set of tabs?

Hello and welcome… unfortunately I can’t really understand what’s going on. I would suggest you to start from the articles on DreamHost Knowledge Base:

If you still have issues, try to provide screenshots and describe exactly what you’re trying to achieve, what you do, what you see on the screen and what you expected to see.

Thanks for your reply. What I am trying to do is configure my new (to me) DreamHost email. The immediate problem is that I can’t sign in to “Panel” using my current email address or my old (now closed) email address, combined with either my current email password or the password I chose for Dream Host Forum. I suppose that, if I could do that, I could probably figure things out from there. (The tech who set this email up for me is out sick and unavailable.) I appreciate your help.

thanks for sharing more details. Unfortunately from the forum we cannot really help you recover access to an account. I suggest you to open a ticket from choose “Other” from the dropdown menu and put in the ticket the email addresses you may have used, both the new and the old one. A support engineer will reach out to you with more details.

Pro Tip: DO NOT use dreamhost hosted email addresses as your panel login. Get a free email address such as @gmail, @yahoo, @live, @outlook, etc OR use the email supplied from your isp as part of your internet connection package and use THAT email address as your dreamhost panel login. Why? If/When you are locked out of your account for whatever reason (and there are MANY reasons lockout can happen (billing issues, expired domains, hacked accounts, abuse, to name a few). It’s much easier to already have an established method that doesn’t email email to or from a dreamhost hosted account.