Email setup

So I want to ask an actual “beginners” question on the beginners forum.

Why do I have to set up an email?

Can’t I just have any email sent to my own gmail account (without it necessarily being displayed?)

Can’t a contact plugin on my blog be directed to my email account?

If I have to have a email address, can this be directed to my gmail account?

Is there a help page somewhere that translates the entirely new vocabulary of this hosting/wordpress thing into plain descriptive english for some of us? :slight_smile:

Forward only email addresses.

1 -
2 - click Create New Email Adddress.
3 - Scroll down the next page to the section title “Forward-only” email and only fill out that section.
4 - use that for your contact form.

Caveat: best to configure your contact form plugin to use smtp… certain services (such as gmail, yahoo, etc) sometimes don’t like email forwarded that appears to have been generated by some of dreamhosts web servers. It appears using smtp may help rectify that because the email doesn’t appear to originate from a possibly hacked web server account. Sadly the outbound mail quota’s are lower going that route.