Email setup

I’ve tried to setup my email account on Outlook. When I try to send a mail the mail bounces and gives error 554: Relay access denied


first ensure that smtp is set up to and the username is the full email address.

Some isps also block outgoing acces on the default port 25 unless it is through there own servers, to get round this use the alternative port 587. This is supposedly to prevent spam being sent but I have no idea why it would achieve that.

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More codes

I am using Outlook 2003. I’ve tried out your suggestions but it’s still not working :frowning:

In Outlook and Outlook Express, including Outlook 2003, if you’re getting “rejected by the server” error messages, (Server Response: ‘554’), then simply check the “My Server Requires Authentication” checkbox, and leave the default settings.To fix it, do the following:

Inspect the settings for the Outgoing Server and check the "“My Server Requires Authentication”.

Of course, double check to make sure all your other setting are correct :wink:


There is an aritlce in wiki you can refer

Don’t forget to set SMPT port: 587 and enabled My server requires authentication as rlparker said.

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