Email setup


I’ve always used my ISP for outgoing email, but sometimes I’m on my laptop at a client, then I don’t know the authentication for their ISP. What-all do I need to bypass say, Verizon, and use DH’s servers at for outgoing? I assume it’s just a port # (other than 25) and the account info?


That’s pretty much got it covered. Port 587 for outgoing SMTP and you account info should allow you DH pop3/IMAP connectivity. Just don’t forget that you will need the funky “m1234567” style username, not your “friendly” log-in email name as in webmail :wink:


[quote]…Port 587 for outgoing SMTP …


That’s what I wanted. Thanks!

(of course, I’m NOT at that site, I’m back home where I can send email, so I’ve gotta go test it.)


That did it; thanks!