Email setup?

Hi there,

After a hectic start and complications with my databse setups I have now been tying to setup my email accounts.

Now, I have tried every configuration known to man and I am still getting nowhere. It keeps saying password/user is incorrect.

I am using Outlook [not express] on XP.

Is there some kind of secret handshake that I need to implement or something?

I have read the kbase and tried heaps of changes.

It just will not work.


There’s actually a secret handshake you want to be sure you’re not doing. Microsoft mail clients have something called “secure password authentication” (or something like that) that will apparently only work with MS mail servers. Make sure this box is not checked.

Aside from that, remember that both usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.

DH mailboxes often have a login name e.g. m298346 different from the email user name e.g. fred ( Check under Mail > Addresses to find the login name for an address. Or in future create a new address with the two names the same by using not Mail > Addresses but Users > Manage.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I did not change anything and suddenly it started working, however I work with several machines and after thinking it was all ok, I tried to add an email account to another machine and it would not work.

I have never had any trouble connecting emails before so not sure what is happening to be honest.

I will persevere :slight_smile:

Thanks again

[quote]I did not change anything and suddenly it started working,


I’ve noticed that too. A panel change can make the mailbox disappear completely, only to reappear a few hours later upon some internal update. This may have been cuased by my using the Back button, some thing I would now STRONGLY advise against.

Good luck!