Email settings

I have sent a ticket to support several hours ago and am not getting any response. Is this normal? I can’t even make a new ticket through “Contact Support” as it just takes me back to the same page over and over and over… Had to initiate a support ticket through the “Contact Technical Support” route and act as though I don’t have an account. (probably why I haven’t got an answer!) The last time I contacted Support I told them to call me as I couldn’t receive emails - and they EMAILED me the response!!! Had to pay for outside help for service.

When I click on the “Tell us what you think of this” button, it says “404 Not Found”.

Haven’t been impressed EVER by the service at DreamHost.

This sounds like a weird issue. I just recently used the “Contact Support” option and it worked fine. Have you tried a different browser?

Also, you can view your Contact Support history in your Control Panel, so even if you are unable to get an email, you can still see their reply.

Their support is not the most…immediate… thing, but I find putting in a ticket with a clear description of the problem, and then posting the same description of the problem here in the Forums has always solved my issues one way or the other. Sometimes support will respond to the ticket and also to my forum post.

You would have to add phone support for 9.95/month if you want a call back.

If you can’t receive email you should just check your support history in the panel periodically until you see the reply. Every email they send you is also recorded there.