Email Settings

How do I set the email login instead of having it randomly set? It makes it easier for my users to use the name portion of their email address as the user login.

K great… thx for the fast response… had enough time to ask another question… how come my mail forwarder is not working? I send test emails but they keep failing due to ‘relay access denied’ messages.

I had to create an account with the nonuser-friendly name. Then I created an address that I wanted, and forwarded it to the other account. I used the option to “forward to this address” and unchecked “send mail to this mailbox.” After waiting for the name to propogate, I was able to login to webmail with the user friendly name.

Are you forwarding to an address hosted with Dreamhost, or somewhere else? If it’s at a different host, their server might be configured to bounce you intentionally. I presume this is to limit email spoofing or spamming. I’ve never had problems when using Dreamhost mailboxes. Also, this is a user forum, and not tech support. You may not be able to expect instant responses.