Email Set up w DH hosted domain

Searching the dreamhost forum, but finding that I may be too new even for the newbie questions there. Hoping someone can answer my basic questions! (please be gentle - I am not a developer, but an end user roped into getting this set up, so am really unfamiliar with everything from the language to tech stuff, etc)

For an organization, I’ve set up a dreamhost web hosting account and a new domain name. I want to set up a bunch of email addresses for our various board members. I want to ensure that when people respond to emails no matter where they view it, it will show as from (not or, for example)

What’s the best and easiest way for me to set up a bunch of people who are on the board of an org so that they can access organization-related email from wherever they are, and have responses show up as

How about if each person “oversees” responsibility for a generic address (,, etc)

Here are some specific questions, but I may not even have asked everything I need to know:

(1) is it better to use dreamhost Webmail that’s part of my hosting pkg or set up a Google Apps?
(2) if Google Apps - is the free edition okay or should I get the premier edition? (will likely be light usage)
(3) if dreamhost, it says I can access email from their hosted portal … so why am I asked to put a forwarding address? I’m setting up some general emails ( and some personal ( Should I enter forwarding email addresses for these, and should it be non-dreamhost addresses (like my personal @gmail address)?
(4) if I access dreamhost from IMAP or POP (gmail, yahoo,hotmail, Outlook), will an email response show up as

Does anything differ if I’m doing versus

Thank you thank you thank you!!