Email set up problem?

I am still having problems with setting up email accounts. Sometimes they work for me but other times it doesn’t.

Anyway, here is what I just done.

  1. I set up a mailbox for a domain
  2. I added an address for that mailbox

I then set up my Outlook Express like this:

Incoming mail server:
Incoming mail server type: POP3
Incoming mail server username: used the code that was created when setting up the mailbox (mxxxxxxxx)
Outgoing (SMTP) mail server:
My server requires authentication: checked. (use same settings as
incoming mail server)

But each time I check my email, it keeps asking for the username and password again.

Am I suppossed to set up a USER before setting up the mailbox?

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Mailboxes do take some time to create. The FAQ pages list 15 minutes as the server settings get reloaded every 15 minutes, presumably, but I’ve noticed it can take a bit longer than this. Did you wait for, say 30 minutes after you setup your accounts?

  • wil


It has been set up for over a week now, see this board: - Auction off your web site real estate.