Email server not responding

Having some issues with email on both my domains hosted by DreamHost.

Email clients on desktop, phone and tablet are reporting “server not responding” though webmail is working. I’ve tried resetting passwords, deleting and reregistering account but no success.

Any suggestions?

Sounds kinda like a DNS issue more than anything, since webmail works.

Nothing on looks relevant.

Most of us here are other customers, in such cases giving the domain name can make a difference.

If you’re looking for support from the dreamhost support staff, you likely won’t get that in this forum. Open a ticket or chat with them in the panel.

Thanks LakeRat. I’m trying to get a chat going now.

Are you using as the server address in your email client configuration? You can try changing the server address to use the server name of the cluster that houses you email. To find it go to then use this table to determine which name to use.

Email Cluster Server Name