Email Server Name/IP?

I need to know what name or IP# I need to point to in my domain record for the Dreamhost email server. I’'ve looked everywhere but I can’t seem to locate clear information on that. I have my domain registered on Network Solutions. Is it just the name server , etc? Any clear help would be appreciated, I need to get my domain email working ASAP! Thanks!

unless you’re trying to set up something special, all that you need to do over at at net sol is change your name servers to ns2… ns3… Then come over to DH and set up your domains, E-mail addresses and everything. You only need to make that one change at net sol and the rest is managed at dreamhost.

–Matttail - personal website

And just to make sure, feyd, do you have a website associated with that domain? If so, where is it hosted?

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