Email server down AGAIN!


I am unable to check my email on outlook
I am getting your email service rejected your log-in error

anybody else has the same problem?

from DH
26 mins 35 secs ago: Outage verified: We are actively looking into resolving it.
27 mins 57 secs ago: Outage first reported.


Yes - issues for us as well.Though strangely only affecting a few of our email users (so far).

Noticed NO mention of this issue on the Dreamhost status page though.


We’ve experienced the same thing in our office using Eudora. We get the log-in error, but can still go to webmail and log-in with no problem. This happens randomly, and not everyone is affected at the same time.

I’ve tried to get an explanation from DH support, but no luck so far. It’s still happening, even after DH gave the A-OK for their servers on the 19th.