Email sending problem


I am having a strange problem to sending emails outside( But no problem to receive emails.
I ve 10 PC’s. 9 of them are using outlook & working nicely. So, It’s not SMTP (outgoing server) problem.

But suddenly 1 of them totally blocked to sending emails only ( I tested another PC creating the same account, but its working (send/receive). So, I think problem in the outlook configuration in that PC.
So, any one pleaes help me…


Usually Outlook will popup an errorbox indicating any trouble it has.

You might like to double-check the account settings - or even export an account from a PC that Outlook is working on and importing it into the troubled PC to check if it’s the PC having problems or just an account setting that’s gone awry.


I just created another account in the same PC & set as default. sending/receiving was successful from newly created account!!!

So, actually problem with the outlook settings.
Can you please help me now???


I can only assume it was just a forgotten setting when initially setting up the troubled account. Re-add the email account in question and be sure to check the authentication settings.

If it still fails it might be that a quota restriction serverside is stopping you from sending email from that particular account.
Check the email account settings from your Panel.


You may have forgotten to change the outgoing port for that particular account in that Outlook.

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Hi Sxi,
Thanks for the solution. I reconfigured with that account. but still same problem.
Then I create same account (different name) same configuration in the same PC & surprisingly it’s working!!!
Like this:
previous : Name-A, account:
New : Name-AB, account:
So, whats the problem with previous account? Is it some kind of virus / other configuration problem!!!
If remove 1st one after taking back up? & what bout all outgoing email to back up?
Any new Advice?