Email Send Troubles?


I am having trouble sending email from two of my sites on scotch. I’ve used the “Current outages you are tracking” part of support, asked to be notified when the issue is resolved, received a notice saying issue was resolved, still can’t send email. Have now sent a second notice using the above procedure. I don’t understand why I was sent a notice that the issue was resolved when it wasn’t. I seem to be receiving email but not able to send. Is anyone else having trouble sending email either via a form on their site or webmail?

Thanks in advance.



I have again received an email saying the issue is resolved but still cannot send mail. This is the message I end up with when trying to send via webmail:
Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Too many connections in /usr/local/squirrelmail-1.4.6/session_mysql.php on line 61

Can’t connect to as squirrelmail

MySQL Error: Too many connections

At what point am I “allowed” to send a support message to support via the form rather than use the steps mentioned in my previous post? Can anyone help out with what I should do on this???


Just tried one of my webmails and that works okay. Took about 5 minutes to arrive at the destination though.

Perhaps there is only a problem with some of the webmail servers?

You can contact them if you want to I am sure.

I used it a couple of days ago just to say hello . :slight_smile:



Thanks norm. Is your server on scotch? I’m not sure if that matters - perhaps the email servers are different. Either way, this is what their support form says:
Submit Support Request

If you’re currently experiencing any downtime, submit it above!
This form is for non-downtime related questions.

The form above this is what I’ve been using as it has an area for trouble with email. I guess I should just go ahead and send one from the support form anyway. So far, the other was quite ineffective.


I would tend to use the bottom portion of the support since your webmail is not totally down just performing badly.
It may help them with their problems they have had recently with webmail.
I did notice though that there was a message queue of 250 plus so you may experience a delay in a reply.



Thanks norm.

Part of the problem seems to have cleared up but I’m still having trouble with email forwarding. That doesn’t seem to be working properly.