Email security/dreamweaver

Hi everybody,

As I will have my answers to 3 questions I am ready to sign up at DH, the $9.95 (or similar)/mo. plan

I would like confirmation that Dreamweaver is supported, since that’s probably how i’ll work on my site.
how does DH deals with email transit security, if SSL is provided only for ‘strictly biz accts’ and in any case a unique IP is needed for that [can I get a unique IP even with the basic plan?]
Or can i set up some security at a different level, other than the host/server level?

thank you much:-)

Dreamweaver is supported.

-Jason - Home Page
MP3Mystic - Personal Streaming Music server.
(Neither of these sites are still hosted at dreamhost)

Assuming you mean “Can I upload files from within Dreamweaver instead of using a regular FTP/SFTP client”, the answer is yes, as long as DW supports regular FTP/SFTP.

Dreamhost, for reasons unknown, does not provide SMTP over SSL/TLS. You can, however, use SSL for POP3, IMAP, or webmail. If you’re concerned about password security (as you should be), I recommend sending mail via your ISP if they offer SMTP over SSL/TLS or don’t require SMTP AUTH at all. That’s what I do. If you’re looking for security for the entirety of your message, no one can give you that. Look into PGP.

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