Email... Reverting back ( Lets try this again )


I am wanting to revert my email back to ATMAIL… I have been using GOOGLE APPS for the last couple of months and I am kinda tired of GMAIL and their 5.00 charge… It would be one last charge I would have to pay out every month…

So I am wanting to know how do I do that?

Is it worth it? Ive seen a few complaints on the forums about ATMAIL?


Hello Chris, atmail has its passionate supporters and some detractors. I’m a bit concerned about replying to your request here because it’s hard for this not to sound like a sales pitch…

So instead of giving you my opinion, I’ll share some facts that I think may help you for your opinion. DreamHost migrated thousands of mailboxes to atmail and improved its spam filters during 2016. There has been some down time in the mail cluster during the past year, you can check the full history on past incidents on

You should be able to activate email and check out atmail on your own, without migrating off of your current system yet. You could buy a new domain or create a subdomain from a domain you already own and point the MX record to DreamHost email servers. You could also setup a forward from gmail, to try things out for a bit and see if you like it.

You cannot revert (which means ‘to go back’) back.

The answer to whether you should revert to OR go back to using DH isn’t straightforward. If you want (or need) a highly reliable email solution then relying on a shared web hosting provider may not be your best option. If you are not dependent on email then you have little to lose.

DreahHost needs to get rid of “This is our new mail interface! We love it, you will too!” This ruins the web interface, and the change is now months old. And DH is not reverting to Squirrelmail or RoundCube.

Others have commented on features Atmail is lacking – such as multiple profiles, the ability to customise the logo. But if these are not important to you, then I find that Atmail does work. Albeit, it is clunky.

I agree, don’t use dreamhost mail. period.