Email Return Path, From, and Username agreement?

I was just shocked to see a note in another forum. Users aren’t getting emails from an app that’s using PHP_Mailer with SMTP. One solution proposed is to set the Return Path to be the same as the SMTP username. Can anyone verify that this is really a requirement to ensure delivery in today’s world of more restrictive servers? If so, this is huge!

I set my Return Path to an alias that agrees with the From, not an actual address which gets used for SMTP login and which is assigned many aliases.

A consequence of getting those to agree, where the username is X and the return path is X, then return path is now different from From, which causes the email to get modified with “sent on behalf of…”, and that’s just ugly. So now if I need to change my From, it will be the actual server login, which isn’t as pretty as an alias, and I don’t want to expose these to the world anyway.

If I need to get everything to agree, then I may need to stop using aliases for some of these purposes, and switch to using real, but more attractive addresses. For example, if I have INFO@ and SALES@ as “From” aliases for SMTP user BIZ1, rather than sending email from BIZ1, I now need to create two real addresses that match the From, and reduce usage of BIZ1 or eliminate it.

Any confirmations on this topic are most welcome. Thanks!

I’ve personally never heard that as a requirement but in these days and age, anything is possible. Administrators of SMTP servers are doing all sorts of weird things to try and prevent spammers to reach their mailboxes, getting lots of nasty side-effects.

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