Email Restriction?

So after the positive help I received from DH email support, I know am faced with a DH problem. DH helped me with set up a program I bought called EmailCampaign. I have a Mailing list of 259 people. It sent 100 and then I got a bunch of errors. I read my delivery status, and come to realize I got this error

“: Recipient address rejected: Policy Rejection: --SENDER_QUOTA_REJECTION–”

I am stumped. Is this form my ISP or my server here at DH? (cause DH did not say there were any restrictions when they helped me set this up.) NOW that being said. my outgoing SMTP, is If its DH issue on limits, should I switch that to my I am just lost and stumped. thanks for your help!

That’s a DH limit, so you’ll need to slow the queue down.


I was sending 50 at a time and then rest 7 seconds and send 50 again etc… So what should I send at then?

The limit is per hour. 100 x hour… so you will need to send 100 or less, wait a whole hour then send another 100 and wait another hour and then send the last 50. The wiki entry is very useful about the limits.

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thanks so much - I’ll check it in about 45 mins and see if its d-loads. I would Really like to find people who are also using EmailCampaign. There is no REAL forums and help for this program!

I’ve sent somewhere around 6 emails spread among two different recipients and have encountered the SENDER_QUOTA_REJECTION error.

Any other ideas?

Using PHP mail functions (via CodeIgniter)

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