Email Reliability


Hello all,

Can anyone provide me their opinion on the general reliability of email here at Dreamhost? I host a few domains here but have avoided relying on their email.

Last year I noticed many emails to my domain either never arriving or taking several hours to arrive. Because of this I’ve been hosting my more critical domain at Yahoo simply because their small business email has proven to be very reliable.

But everything else about Yahoo Web Hosting completely blows plus I’d rather not have two hosting companies.

So if anyone has any insight or recent experience with email here, and can fill me in on the general reliability of it, I would appreciate it.


I don’t have any problems with Dreamhost’s mail, but for applications where reliability is the main concern, I like to keep the email with a separate mail host (I like – especially if you’re using a failover setup, so the mail is unaffected, regardless of where your site is loading from.

Because of Dreamhost’s size, they seem to have the occasional problem with certain ISPs (like AOL), but seem to be pretty quick about doing what they can to resolve it.

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You might like to look into Google Apps. Google’s email reliability is amazing.


Yeah, and a month before I signed up for a 2 yr contract, they disallowed email forwarding to AOL, so now 1.5 yrs later, I start hosting a site where they need to forward email to 2 AOL users…

I’m just glad that I have my more critical client’s hosted elsewhere.

So stuff ain’t working, whatcha gonna do…?


Yeah … It does suck to be an AOL user… especially an AOL user than can’t figure out it’s time to get a Gmail account! :wink: