Email reliability?

I’m evaluating DH as a possible new host. I’ve signed up (love the 97-day moneyback thing!), and it looks like I’ve found a pretty sweet deal here: more capacity than I need for less money than I’d budgeted. I think I’ll be staying… for the website, at least.

My only worry is how much effort it took to get email working: after several days of “relay access denied” and “user unknown in virtual alias table”, I’ve only just started being able to get test messages in and out reliably. Now, browsing through the forums here, I see quite a few threads complaining that DH has a rather unreliable email service. So my question to existing DH users is: is it really all that bad?

  • Have my problems just been the kind of hiccups that you’d expect because the configuration hadn’t fully taken effect when I was testing it, or have I been experiencing real issues that are likely to happen again?

  • Since I need reliable email for my business, would I be better advised to use a separate email host if I go with DH for my website? Or am I worried about nothing?

On a related note, I’m planning to transfer my domain name to DH, to take advantage of the free registration deal… are there any reasons why I might NOT want to do that?

In a word, no.

Like any other shared hosting environment, there is the occasional outage, but my clients have been using the DreamHost email system with a satisfactory level of reliability for over a year. I had just one customer complaint, and it was because AOL had temporarily blocked reception of DreamHost emails because a DH customer had been spamming.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

Dito. I’ve been here a bit over a year now, and I’ve had very good E-mail relibality and uptime. The mail cluster I’m on (murdock) was having a few problems a couple of months ago, were it would deny an outgoing E-mail message from time to time, was clearled up in short order.

I have clients using both POP and IMAP, and both work equally well - and with so much stoarge (that grows every week) I don’t have any issue storing it all.


You don’t need to transfer the domain reg. over here. You can keep it where it is and just change the dns to the DH servers. That way you can use the free domain name for something else down the road.


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Good to hear that I’d got a mistaken impression! Time to move in for real, then.

Sadly keeping the domain reg where it is isn’t an option, because I shortsightedly registered the domain through my previous hosts, and they won’t administer domains they don’t host, so I need to move it somewhere

check the value of a free domain reg - cost of having a registrar somewhere else. If >0 you might still be better off with registrar somewhere else. Mind you as you register more domain names (no limit to #domains under any plan) it might just be easier to have them all here anyway. We’re talking just a few $ here.

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I haven’t been with DreamHost for very long, but I would have to concur with the other comments here. I have not noticed any major problems with email.

Although, if 100% email reliability is critical, it might be advisable to host your email services with a company that specialises in such services.


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Yes you can simply forward your email to e.g. where you can pick up spam filtered email. They also have a service where you can report spam and they get blacklisted.

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