Email "Relay Acces Denied"


I just set up a client with hosting and set them up with some email accounts.

the accounts send fine, but the server always rejects them with a “Relay access denied” message.

I have a “postmaster” address set to the account… nothing is out of the ordinary.

Any help?

the email is:



Try using port 587 for outgoing mail. Some ISPs (mine included) block the use of port 25 for anything but their own mail server.


If you’re making it far enough to generate a bounce, port 25 blocking isn’t the problem. Instead, if they’re sending mail out through Dreamhost’s servers, a) be sure they’re using the right SMTP hostname, and b) be sure they’re using user/pass authentication. Failing to do either of these will cause the exact problem you’re seeing.

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Yep, I’ve found this to be important.

I experienced the same problem when I had a bunch of addresses from forwarded to a mailbox on Attempting to send mail using one of the domain2 addresses through the mailbox resulted in the error you are seeing.


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It might be worth knowing that user/pass login fixes sending comcast email from outside their network. If you identify yourself to the comcast mail server ( then you will be allowed to send even when you’re dialed from finland.