Email Recovery


Does anyone know if it’s possible for DreamHost to recover an email I received today, but have lost due to a system crash on my end?

My email clients are not set to remove email from the server after being downloaded, but I can’t seem to find a particular email sent to one of my addresses using the webmail interface.

I assume you tried all folders? including trash… Be best to open a ticket…

Yes, the email is on my machine but unreadable. I believe the system crash caused a few files, not just email to become corrupt.

I’ve checked all folders under webmail but no luck there either =/

It may or may not be possible, depending on how long (and how long ago) the email was on our servers. Contact DreamHost support and they’ll take a look.

I have done, the email was only received yesterday, but I was out while it was received, and came home to a system crash =/
So when I tried to open it and a bunch of other emails, they wouldn’t open and just disappeared from my inbox.