Email quota


Just making sure…

On the DH email address setup page, the section about removing messages when a certian number of emails is reached or email age is reached…

“(Tidy inboxes keep mail servers happy!)
Remove read messages when inbox reaches X messages.
Remove read messages from inbox older X than days.”

… this only effects your “inbox” correct? For example, email moved from an IMAP inbox to another IMAP folder will not be affected (except by of course, disk quotas)?

Whould hate to see email start to disappear once one of these limits are reached.


The messages deleted from the inbox are saved in a new folder whose name starts with ‘old-messages’ and ends with a date stamp to make the folders unique. So your inbox only is emptied and ye olde messages are safe.
Don’t forget there is an overall mailbox limit though although you can increase this ahould needst be.

It would be fun if it were the whole mailbox :slight_smile: .



So the restrictions will effect other (IMAP) folders?!

Say, for example, I create a folder called orders (INBOX.orders). Will the restrictions start removing email from this folder as well?

Thanks for the clarification,


I understand that it’s only the INBOX that is rotated not any subfolders.
See item 4 in this Dreamhost newsletter currently archived in the wiki.