Email Problems

Is anyone else having problems logging into webmail today? Also, do you get system messages saying that a recipient can’t be reached even though you know it’s a valid email?


Yep. All morning… We’re on the east coast and this is killing us.

Thanks for sharing. Email is far too mission critical to be down this long. I’m supposed to approve a bunch of construction plans, along with a number of invoices and client bookings. My business is stalled in a significant way because of this.

Couldn’t agree more and as is ours. And fwiw, the identified time of March 30, 2017 6:54AM PDT isn’t valid. It was initially 5:31am pst… Not sure why they changed it.

Thank u for sharing, im from indonesia, my email can not log in too in this webmail… T T

It’s nearly 7:30PM and we still have no email. :frowning:

Yes it’s happening to me sometimes. :frowning:

I am agree with the comments that written above.

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