Email Problems


I am experiencing issues with my email.
I am using Apple Mail and actually have the problem that it takes like 30 mins when I start my apple mail till it connects with my email I host here on DH. I have a couple of other email addresses still on a different server / provider and those don’t have any problems connecting right away.
Also when I want to send an email with the outgoing mail server here on DH it does not work, it says there is no connection and Ihave to try later. When I shut down Mail then completely and turn it on again it sends the email out right away.

Does anyone have a suggestion what to do?

What settings are you using to connect to the mailserver at DreamHost?

Your best bet is to submit a ticket or LiveChat with our team with all your details so we can fully investigate the issue. That is, if you’re still having trouble. :wink: If you are, just hit the “Contact Support” link in the left menu, or the “Chat Live” at the top of your panel.