Email problems

I have some strange errors with a couple Email accounts on one domain I host. They can send Email no problem. But they cannot receive Email. I get an error like this when sending from a yahoo test account:

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following
This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.

<@********.com>: does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 <
@********.com>: Recipient address
rejected: User unknown.
Giving up on

I am on server kitkat, and server heath and server union. Server kitkat is the only one experiencing this problem right now. And I have only verified one user account has this problem. I even got desperate enough a couple hours ago to blow away the whole account and recreate it. Unfortunately that meant I ended up configuring a new user, then giving the new user a new Email address. I still didn’t work. I’m getting desperate now, this is a friend’s website and Email I set up for them. They use it for business. Their office receptionist (the one with the non-working Email) is ready to strangle me.

I started cutting over their Email from a failing server this past Saturday. Then the problems with One-click installs and DNS occurred. Since then a couple Email accounts have been very twitchy when it comes to receiving Email. Anybody with any ideas?

Well, I finally got a response from Dreamhost after two days.

Still doesn’t work. I still get the same error. And it’s STILL telling Yahoo’s e-mail server that it doesn’t know the email address on my Dreamhost server.

For crying out loud I have memorized now. It’s part of Dreamhost’s IP block in Brea, CA

Anybody have any ideas? It’s been six days now and I am getting very desperate.

  1. make sure that your user does not have a ( ) space before or after his email address in his setup


< *******@********.com>:

<*******@********.com >:

  1. Can your user send from <<their domain?

I would first see i f they can send from webmail and if so, you can start tracking, if not, get on dreamnost!!!

Good luck

I’ll double check for spaces on both the account and the aliases.

As for the account, yes I can send from this account via webaccess, and also from Outlook with a pop mail config. So I know the user account is created and works.
Works great in fact. The one Email in particular, that I am testing with is receiving Email

It just isn’t receiving Email from Yahoo, and now we’ve also verified Gmail has the same problem. And the NDR responses to the Gmail and Yahoo accounts we are testing with are as above, in my original post.

Well, I checked for spaces in the account name, email address, and the one alias I have set up for this particular user. No go. That’s not it.

Ah, sorry I read it wrong.

2 things. Is this yahoo user using a mail account (like outlook) to send mail, or logging through yahoo dot com?

Make sure the yahoo user sending the email has the correct email address. don’t copy it, type it. Have you signed up for a free yahoo account and tested it yourself that youraddress @ Yahoo dot com cannot send any mail to this particular address?

Yahoo has been blacklisted before…but after looking up the error it seems that it is always someone who typed the recipient address wrong, or their yahoo setup has some misconfigurations.

Nope, this is a yahoo account I keep around for testing Email from the “outside” of networks so I can verify whether or not Email is working.

And yes, I use the webaccess client, and yes I am sure I am typing the email address correctly. I’m pretty sure this whole problem stems from the DNS/one-click install/webaccess problems from last Saturday.

You see that was the time I started cutting this domain over to dreamhost. Before that I had a custom MX on dreamhost pointing to their old webhost company for Email services.
Early saturday morning I removed the custom MX and started adding Email accounts in dreamhost. Well strangely enough I got about four of them added then the last two I’ve had issues with all week. This happened right around the time I found out dreamhost was having problems.
Since then these last two email accounts won’t receive Email from certain domains and bounce an NDR back to the user. The other Email addresses have no problems receiving Email from Yahoo. I’ve even gone as far as deleting one of the accounts and recreating it with a new username and Email address, then aliasing the old Email address. Now neither the alias nor the new address work.

So I’m stuck in limbo until I get confirmation as to who this IP is that keeps telling yahoo’s Email servers it doesn’t know the recipient. I’m guessing it’s some weird DNS issue, and dreamhost’s email gateway doesn’t know which server this Email address is attached to.

This is getting ridiculous. This is the only response I have had from Dreamhost in the past nine days:

Reply from DreamHost (Oct 20th, 2006 - 08:47:00 / #8876595)
RE: problems receiving Email


It appears that everything has been resolved. My test e-mail was
successfully routed. There are several other messages in your mailbox as
well. If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Brian S.

All he did was closed my case without actually checking my problem. Now I’m in the queue again with no results to show for in in the past three days.

Is anybody else having problems with Email from Yahoo or Gmail being routed to recently created Email addresses?

Yay! It’s working finally. I just needed to Email the right person :wink:

Thanks man