Email problems


I have a subdomain (planning on transferring a full domain later), and I’m trying to set up my email client.

if my domain was, i set both my mail servers (as instructed on dreamhost’s site) to

the passwords and stuff work in webmail, but not when i check via pop3 or imap.

it’s been several hours, emailed support, no response yet. any suggestions?


It’s possible that DNS hasn’t fully propagated yet. When did you create this subdomain?

If you have telnet at home, you can try to manually access your account. This should show at which point it’s failing.

telnet 110 (110 is the POP port)
USER mXXXXXX (whatever you account number is)
PASS XXXXXX (whatever your password is)



hmm… it seems like the other accounts work, but not my ‘main’ one (the only one without an m###### format)

a little confusing, but bearable. things will probably clear up when the domain is transferred.