Email problems


Anyone else having problems with inbound email? It appears is not delivering email to my domain. When email comes through one of the other gateways (straw, spoon), it is delivered almost immediately. Anyone else having this problem?



Yes, I haven’t been able to retrieve my webmail email for one particular domain at all this morning. They checked the server status and said it was fine, so then I submited a regular support request so we’ll see what happens. I hope they can resolve the problem without losing any of my email from this morning. Is yours still down?


Mine is specifically an SMTP related issue and not IMAP. The server chopstick has been having trouble with my mail. I’ve been tracing it today and it seems like chopstick is failing to lock a file on NFS with fcntl() (returns ENOLCK), but straw and spoon both can acquire the lock. I’m using DSPAM for spam filtering, and that is what is trying to get the locks.