Email Problems

Is anyone having a problem with email and getting a straight answer from dreamhost? I set up 5 email accounts and yet can only get email from two of them via Outlook or Outlook Express. For the rest of them the user name and password prompt comes up. I can login to the problem mail addys through web mail but not through my email programs. The only answer I get from support is that I am either typing in the username and password incorrectly (which I have not) or to go to the Microsoft site for the solution. It also seems to take tech support over 24 hours to even respond to my support tickets.

When I first signed up with dreamhost it took them only 30min to an hour to answer a support ticket. Is dreamhost having a problem finding skilled tech support people or something?

Webmail logins and logins from an E-mail client can use differnet user names. If you created the E-mail addres through the User tab in the panel, then the login user will be the user name you created. However, if you just created the E=mail address through the Mail tab, then you’ll have a login name like m12345678.