Email Problems

Is anyone else here having problems with their email? I signed on today and have had problems sending mail out. I set up my account yesterday on Dreamhost but came to discover that my email is not working properly. The settings are correct but I can’t seem to get anyone in support regarding this issue. I had support when I first signed up but now they don’t seem to be answering any of my tickets.

This could be a DNS issue. If you just signed up yesterday things may not have propiagted yet. What error are you getting? How are you connecting? (IMAP or POP?) Give us a few more details so we can help.

Also, support can take a bit to get back to you sometimes. They strive to answer all E-mails within 24 hours. Normally for it only takes about 2 hours, but sometimes longer. They will answer your ticket, fear not.


I am connecting through POP3. I am receiving mail but the connection is taking a while. The bigger difficulty is trying to send out. I sent a ticket to support but it has been at least 16 hours now and no reply from support on this issue.

[quote]Normally for it only takes about 2 hours, but sometimes longer.


That is not the experience of this and many other users. I cannot recall I single Support response in 2 hours for over a year. Recently most take over 24 hours.