Email Problems with PHPBB3

I’m getting an error with PHPBB3 when using the mass mailing function as follows:

E-mail error
» EMAIL/PHP/mail()

I posted about it on the PHPBB3 support forums and it has been suggested that maybe there is a limit on how many emails can be sent with Dreamhost? We all receive emails from the board OK otherwise, it’s just the mass mailing that causes this error. We can use the same tool to mail just certain usergroups, but mailing all registered users fails.

If there is a limit, is it on how many people can be addressed in the “Send To” field, or is it so many per hour for example? If it’s the former then I could just run a loop that sends the message to one user at a time I guess?

You’re only allowed to send up to 200 messages an hour using your PHP scripts. Check the wiki:


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Brilliant, thanks for that. Shame, but at least we can understand why we get this problem now