Email problems with moved domain -- Help?

Wondering if there is anyone that might know if there is anything I can do from this end for email that isn’t being delivered for a couple of domains that were moved friday to my dedicated server from shared hosting at DH. Thought everything had been moved okay, but apparently the email portion didn’t.

I have had a request into support for nearly six hours (which I find kind of lengthy for a dedicated server user, but I am sure they have their reasons), so wondering if there is anything I can check from this end. Especially since I just got a call (yes, sunday night home phone type call) from client wondering where the heck her email is and why is it taking support so long to respond.

Thanks for any help!


Is this fixed now? Is it bouncing or just not being delivered? If you still haven’t heard anything yet, you can ping me via email (I think you still have my address).

Well, now going on almost 20 hours and no resolution to this problem.

I appreciated Will’s response and really thought it was going to be resolved last night, but to no avail.

Don’t understand why this should take this long to resolve and with no response from support except for the emails from Will. Hard to believe that I am paying $200 a month for this kind of service. Sorry trying to just chalk this up to mercury being in retrograde, but just a little perturbed at this point. (Although many thanks to Will to trying to help.)

Well, it is just a Monday. :frowning: