Email problems - username/password not recognized suddenly

Not a question, but in case anyone has this problem… I had an email account set up on a custom domain, and suddenly, MacMail was telling me that the username/password could not be verified. This has been a minor pain in my ass over the years, usually requiring me to go into the panel and re-entering the (same) password, and then it was ok.

Not this time.

I wound up opening a ticket, and got relatively useless advice, so I dug some more - and it seems that recently, using mail. for the names of the mail servers was not correct anymore. I followed the directions in the “setup your mail client” page, found the correct new server names ( and, but it will likely be different for you), and all is now well and my girlfriend will talk to me again.

So - if you have weird mail problem, check the server names.

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