Email Problems Persist This Morning

Any progress??? Dallas?

This is my second week at dreamhost and it is a bit disappointing. C’mon, I want to like my host.


I’d like to second the request for an update.

Count me on that one.
POP server (murdock) takes forever to send the server announce and when by chance it passes through, it takes forever to get and process AUTH/PASS…
Sometimes it works at last long, sometimes not at all.
This is very disturbing…
Is it possible that the server has too many accounts?
I don’t exchange many mails nor are they big ones, but they are important. (to me)
Any chance you solve the trick soon ?

Thanks for info if any of you DH experts would visit here.

Edited… I forgot to say. I have two different accounts and domains at DH. On both POP is very long and often fails. SMTP is loooooong but seems to work on both anyway.
One of the domain/account ( seems to work better than the other ( though on the same server !!
Go figure !

oh good I’m not the only one, so far I’ve only one of three accts to work, I was going ot chalk it uup to outlook being b0rked but I gues it is server side, oh well I can wait for a whle the server to realize, would to be nice to get them working again

Hi me too - Please update us with this problem.

POP server (murdock) is also failing for me and doesn’t pass through at all. Also, created another mailbox almost three hours ago and still webmail is not recognizing userid/password! Thanks!

That’s me again.

Do our DHs have a trackback on that thread :slight_smile: ???
POP is back to work though lazily…

I hate that situation when it’s working, then not, then back…
I’d prefer a good old failure when smbdy has to work hard on it… Well… That’s life.

Yeah, I’ve onyl been with Dreamhost for a week, but I’m experiencing LOOONG delays when sending mail through SMTP and I’ve also got a problem with MySQL databases

What’s up, is this typical dreamhost? I’ve heard nothing but good reviews before I signed up, but maybe that was because they were taking atvantage of Dreamhost’s generous referral scheme!

[quote]I’ve onyl been with Dreamhost for a week, … sending mail through SMTP


Before using DH SMTP, be aware that outgoing mail can be intercepted by other DH users. Any user can add on his panel bogus mail services for external domains he doesn’t own, and hence catch your mail to those domains.

If you see mail delays of any kind, send in the full and complete headers of the delayed messages to our support team so they can take a look and see where the slow-down is happening.

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