[Email] Problems iPhone 4

Hi Dreamhost Community,

I have been having persistent problems for about three weeks now regarding email set-up on the iPhone 4. I’ve successfully contacted Dreamhost support, and they have replied with more specific connection credentials. This has fixed the problem of being unable to send/receive however my client (the owner of the iPhone 4) is now experiencing problems saving drafts, moving emails to the trash, and viewing sent messages. I’ve made sure that all the information used is exactly as Dreamhost support recommended, and I’m beginning to think it is a software issue with the iPhone 4 itself, as I’ve successfully been able to get the email address running without any of the above mentioned problems on the iPhone 3G but not the iPhone 4. If anyone owns an iPhone 4, it would be great to find out if there are any similar user experiences, or any advise for getting the email functioning properly.

Thank You.