Email Problem...catch-all account

I’ve had a catch-all account that I forward to my primary email, which has worked well.
Now, I’m getting emails from DreamHost telling me that I’m within 10% of my limit for the “catch-all” account (or 50mb).
Now, how do I access these files on the mail server?? to clean them up and delete them??

Any help would be greatly appreciated…thanks!

That should work I think.

I had tried that before…it takes me to the Sqirrel Mail.
But, when I would go in there, it did not show any mail…which I thought was weird!!

But, today, I went into the Control Panel and it shows 0 MB used out of 50 MB.
So, it looks like we’re good now.

I’m not sure what fixed it, but thanks for the help anyways!! :slight_smile: