Email problem after dns switch

Problem One: Just moved an existing domain (and hence email accounts) to new server (DH) and set up every related email address there. All my clients but one can get their new email to their mail app. She uses Outlook has set up the account properly, and mail goes to webmail fine. Anything she can try? Could it be a DNS propagation thing, or is it Outlook? (set up her email address on DH 2 days ago).

Problem two: One of these new email addresses is not working at all. Does not go to DH webmail, old server webmail, or mail app. I sent an email to it and no error or bounce back recieved. It’s as though it doesn’t exist.

Thanks for your time.

I always blame DNS when a domain moves. In my mom’s case, it took 5 days for everything to catch up. In the mean time, you can just use the IP address.

Weird about that new email address. I suggest you use to send the message and see what it does. Seeing how webmail is internal to DreamHost, it should have better luck. If that doesn’t work, delete the address, wait an hour (it may take less than this, but just to be sure…), then re-add it.


I tried what you suggested and sent an email to the totally non-functioning address via webmail - it was successfully delivered to it’s webmail inbox. But if I send a message to it via my own pop account it goes nowhere. This is their primary email address so I am in a bit of a panic and am not looking too good to my client. Any ideas?
I also tried deleting the account and putting it back to no avail.

As for the Outlook account, is the IP I should try the number after the A Record?


Me again with a fascinating update. (is the sarcasm coming through?)
It seems that “contact” emails (ie the address that was totally non-functioning) are now making it to the client’s old webmail server (which I know is noraml in a DNS transfer). But none go to DH webmail server. Will she just have to wait it out as the DNS stuff happens?

As for the Outlook problem, I’m sorry, but how do I know what ip to try in the Outlook account? I suggested the ip number after the A record but I think maybe you mean something else?

Until DNS settles down, mail will head off in random directions. Which brings me to that non-delivering address. Do any other addresses under that domain receive mail? I’m thinking it’s also a DNS issue for that specific domain.

Use the A record IP address for for both POP/IMAP and SMTP servers until DNS updates.