Email - POP & webmail

My mail is on swarthy and it’s toast as well as the servers mentioned by Dreamhost. My mail’s been down since I got up at 5am today. It’s now almost 1pm. Any estimate on when mail will be back up?

Support’s message - We are currently experiencing a mail authentication issue with randy, spacey, spunky, postal, and janky. We believe we know the source of the problem, and hope to have it fixed in the next few minutes! (posted 4 hours 14 mins ago)

Is that the message you got from your support ticket? If it’s just what’s on the status page, you should submit a support ticket from your panel.

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That message was a general status report. The response I got to a support ticket I filed is that they’re aware of the problem and working to fix it.

That’s frustrating, to be sure, but you want an estimate from us? We are all just customers here like you! :wink:


Obviously, your mail must be working. :slight_smile: No, I don’t want an estimate from DH customers. I thought maybe someone had heard something and could pass it along, or maybe a DH techie was monitoring the forum. Yes, I’d rather they work on the problem than answer questions on this board but it would be nice to know if mail will be up soon. This is going on 9+ hours for me, probably longer for others.

I understand now. :slight_smile: