Email Piping

I need to pipe emails to a php script. Currently I have Gmail handling my domain’s email. Does anyone know if I can pipe to a script with my current setup or will I need to transfer my mail hosting to dreamhost?

I’d prefer to leave it with gmail if possible…if anyone knows how I can do this, please let me know.


this could be configured to work, however you will need an email domain that is hosted by dreamhost and not gmail, however this doesn’t have to be the domain in question, it could be any other domain. Another thing to understand is that dreamhosts email is not hosted on your webserver, there are separate mail servers.

these loosely written steps should get you where you want to be…
1 - create an email address on a domain where email is hosted by dreamhost. (example:
2 - In the web panel click on the message filters section of the email group. Configure a filter for to send emails to the shell account where the script will be running.
3 - log into your gmail account and create a filter to forward emails that need to be processed by the script to

Now an emaill arrives at (gmail), a filter sends it to (dreamhost hosted email) and a filter there forwards it on to the shell account, where your script finds it’s existence and does something with it…

Thanks. I’ll just transfer the email hosting for this domain. I’m not actually using the email much anyway, just wondering if it was possible to leave it with gmail. ^^

Thanks again!